The Musical Zodiac by Debbie Wiseman


‘Virgo’ from The Musical Zodiac - out now!

The new album from Classic FM's composer-in-residence, Debbie Wiseman, takes inspiration from Western astrology. What does YOUR star sign sound like?


What does the soundtrack to YOUR star sign sound like? Classic FM’s Composer in Residence, Debbie Wiseman, has the answer. Listen to her brand new album ‘The Musical Zodiac’ below.

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Multi-award-winning musician Debbie Wiseman, Classic FM’s Composer-in-Residence, presents her new album ‘The Musical Zodiac’. Taking her inspiration from the iconic symbols of Western astrology, Debbie has composed 12 glorious pieces of music that capture perfectly the characteristics and personalities of each star sign. 

Fascinating album notes written by the late Jonathan Cainer, a world-renowned astrologer, will guide you through your musical zodiac journey. Are you a Virgo who can "distinguish real from fake, old from new, substance from style", or are you an Aries whose "spirit confers an endless enthusiasm for movement and progress; an indomitable urge to press ahead against all odds"? Paired together, Debbie’s music and Jonathan's narration align to take you on an astrological adventure.

Debbie Wiseman

Staying true to her roots, Debbie who is known for writing numerous TV and film scores such as Judge John Deed and Wolf Hall , crafted a unique series of short stories, based upon her astrological research, to inspire these beautiful pieces of music.

The stories that inspired The Musical Zodiac >

Watch: Debbie Wiseman’s composer’s diary for The Musical Zodiac >

As well as composing these unique pieces, Debbie also conducted the recording, performed exquisitely by the National Symphony Orchestra. Listen to the album to see how they have perfectly captured the characteristics of the signs of the zodiac, from headstrong Aries to  secretive and emotional Scorpio.

Debbie Wiseman on composing The Musical Zodiac

Beautiful and thrilling in turns, listen to your own star sign from the album in the extracts below and immerse yourself in the mystique of the zodiac. 

The Musical Zodiac is OUT NOW. You can buy your copy below:

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