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Aled Jones: Eriskay Love Lilt


This unique new album features Aled Jones the man 'duetting' with his enchanting young boy soprano voice, taken from previously unreleased recordings. BUY NOW

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Classic FM is proud to present the brand new album from Aled Jones. The Welsh singer, presenter and Classic FM favourite is back with One Voice.

Featuring never-before-released recordings, Aled duets with his younger self in this unique take on popular folk classics. Showcasing the last-ever recordings of Aled as a boy, the emotional tracks emphasise the powerful journey of Aled’s voice from boy to man.

Aled Jones, 'One Voice'

Introducing Aled Jones Official's beautiful, unique new album - 30 years in the making - get your copy here:

Posted by Classic FM on Thursday, 31 March 2016


With works by Handel, Purcell, Britten and Vaughan Williams, Aled believes that this is one of the strongest albums he has produced. Including a plethora of gorgeous folk songs from all four corners of the UK, tracks include much-loved favourites Danny Boy , Lark in the Clear Air and David of the White Rock .

This is an album not to be missed, and, as Aled explains, we can thank his mum for finding those old hidden gems that are featured:

"We were sitting around the kitchen table one day, when my mum suddenly announced that there was an album of folk songs of mine that had never been released. 

"When she asked my dad where it was, he said that the tape of recordings was in the airing cupboard, to keep it dry, sandwiched in-between my old pants and socks! 

"At the time, my voice had broken, so the record company decided not to release it. I didn't even remember recording the album, but when I listened to it at my parents’ house, I felt like a proud uncle or father. From that came the idea to release the album of duets, featuring my voice as a boy and now as an adult."

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