10 gardening jobs to do this month

Here are the things you need to do this month to keep your garden in good shape

  1. Prune your Wisteria after flowering by removing all the whippy side-shoots from the main branch framework to about 20cm from their base
  2. Deadhead flowering plants regularly
  3. Keep patio container plants well watered and feed with a liquid fertiliser every fortnight
  4. Collect seed from garden plants
  5. Harvest Sweetcorn and other vegetables as they become ready
  6. Tidy up strawberry plants and remove any old straw and prune the fruited stems of your blackcurrant bushes after harvesting
  7. Cut back herbs, pinch out the top of tomato plants and tips of your runner bean plants once they reach the top of their support
  8. Keep ponds and water features topped up
  9. Keep on top of weeds as they compete with your crops for nutrients and water
  10. Turn the compost in your compost bins every month to keep it well aerated and to speed up decomposition

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