The Hall of Fame Hour

Weekdays, 9-10am

Hall of Fame 2014

Classic FM’s flagship morning programme is the biggest show of the day – so it’s vitally important that it always has the best music we can lay our hands on.  And with the Hall of Fame Hour, you’re as sure as you can be that what lies ahead is 60 minutes of classical favourites.

From 9am, John Suchet plays nothing but the biggest hits, with all his choices taken from the annual Top 300 chart voted for by you.  What’s more, between 9am and 10am, there’s absolutely no clutter, no extra stuff, no big breaks from the music; instead, once the news bulletin finishes, it’s just you, John and the finest classics all the way through until 10.

There's so much variety in the Hall of Fame Hour every morning.  From operatic hits to film scores, from stately Baroque concertos to full-blooded Romantic symphonies, you can be sure of hearing a wonderful mix of music both old and new.  What’s more, if you’ve only just discovered Classic FM, the Hall of Fame Hour is a particularly good place to start, because it only ever includes music chosen by our listeners.  In other words, you can be pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it!

Our weekday morning listeners encompass everyone from office workers listening online to homemakers enjoying the sound of Classic FM in the kitchen – so whatever you’re up to, make sure you join us from 9am for the very best classical music.