Aled Jones

Weekdays, 5pm-8pm

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Join Aled Jones - sitting in for John Brunning - as he brings you our nightly mix of feel-good greats and Smooth Classics.

For three hours every weekday, we offer all the music, news and information you need to make your journey home an enjoyable one. 


Aled has a brilliant, brand new Drive Featured Album that showcases a member of the world’s most famous musical family, and we’ll also enjoy an hour of Smooth Classics at 7.


Tonight, Aled is declaring: “Vote Verdi!”  Find out why after 5, when we’ll also enjoy more from this week’s Featured Album.  


Aled has picked an epic Big Piece After 6 by Schubert, and he’ll also be inviting you to enjoy a Wednesday evening wind-down with an hour of Smooth Classics at 7.


Tonight, Aled raises a glass to the world’s oldest man, who’s celebrating his 112th birthday today. But what music has Aled chosen – and why?  Find out after 5.  


Celebrate the end of the working week – for most people, anyway – with three hours of feel-good classical music.  Aled can promise you a Friday Film Favourite, a life-affirming Big Piece After 6 by Beethoven, and a wonderfully relaxing hour of Smooth Classics at 7.



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