Saturday Night at the Movies - Saturday 30 May 2015, 5pm

Andrew Collins celebrates some of the great film director/composer collaborations, including Spielberg and Williams.

This week Andrew Collins turns the spotlight on the enduring relationships between certain film directors and their favourite composers.

He features arguably the most prolific composer/director collaboration of the past 40 years - that of Steven Spielberg and John Williams - as well as the highly successful pairing of Alan Silvestri and Robert Zemeckis on such films as Back to the Future and Forrest Gump.

GALLERY: The greatest director-composer partnerships >

Scottish composer Patrick Doyle has continued to be employed by his friend from the 1980s' Renaissance Theatre Company, Kenneth Branagh, on such big screen blockbusters as Cinderella, Thor, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit as well as several Shakespeare adaptations. 

And there's the legacy of the great partnership between composer Gabriel Yared and the late Anthony Minghella, who worked together on The English Patient, Cold Mountain and The Talented Mr Ripley.


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