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John Brunning

Every week, thousands of classical albums and downloads are purchased – and there’s only one place to hear the chart that matters.  This Sunday from 5pm, join John Brunning as he counts down the Classic FM Chart, giving you a chance to hear the new Top 30, with the latest No.1 revealed just before 7pm.

If, like many of us, you remember listening to pop charts on a Sunday teatime when you were younger, you’ll understand why we’ve chosen to broadcast the Classic FM Chart at this time of the week.  Hark back to your teenage years, and there’s a fairly good chance you were one of those people who sat glued to the radio, eager to hear whether your favourite had made it to Number 1 (and perhaps even taping the songs on an old cassette, desperately hoping that the DJ didn’t talk over the end of the music).

Your teenage years may be a thing of the past – but the chance to enjoy a chart countdown on a Sunday is still very much there for the taking.  Every week, we reveal the latest Top 30, as well as our tips for the best yet-to-be-released albums, download-only releases and compilations.  Often, classical crossover albums from the likes of Katherine Jenkins and Andrea Bocelli will be the big sellers – but there are also plenty of surprises that regularly make it into the Top 10.

If you tune in half way through the programme, you can rest assured that we always keep you completely up to date with exactly what you’ve missed.  There are regular recaps of the new chart, as we head towards the all-important Number 1.  In addition, the complete Top 30 is always listed here at, and you can catch the latest chart countdown whenever you like on our Listen Again player – so there really are no excuses for not keeping completely up to date with what’s hot in classical music!

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