The New Releases Show: 3 November

"The artistry is so great on this recording that all you can do is sit back and imagine that it couldn’t be done any better." David's Abum of the Week is a new release on the Hyperion label of Schubert's String Quintet and Quartet.

Connoisseur’s Choice 1

Dvorak Symphonies 3&6

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Jose Serebrier
Warner Classics
2564 65775-3

What David says : “Dvorak’s symphonies should be much better known and this is a great album. I really like Serebrier’s way with Dvorak, and this coupling of the 3rd and 6th symphony is especially well worth getting.”

Album of the Week

Schubert String Quintet and Quartet

Takacs Quartet
Ralph Kirshbaum

What David says : “This is one of the most extraordinary pieces of chamber music written by any composer. The artistry is so great on this recording that all you can do is sit back and imagine that it couldn’t be done any better. The Takacs Quartet are probably the finest quartets in the world today - this is music as profound as any you’ll ever hear.”

Choice for the Curious

The Romantic Piano Concerto vol. 58

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Howard Shelley

What David says : “This album features the wonderful pianist Howard Shelley and is part of Hyperion’s Romantic Piano Concerto series.  This series really shows the depth creativity in music at this time so if you’re curious about music off the beaten track I think this is a great album to buy.”

Choice for the Very Curious

Gabrieli Sacred Symphonies

Ex Cathedra
His Majesty’s Sagbutts & Cornetts
Concerto Palatino
Jeffrey Skidmore

What David says: “Gabrieli was regarded as one of the finest composer in Venice towards the end of his life and this recording is a real joy to listen to and a fantastic way to get to know his music. “

Best for Beginners

Live at the Carnegie Hall – Beethoven Symphonies 5&7

Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique
John Eliot Gardiner
Soli Deo Gloria

What David says : “What I love about this recording is the sound and the extraordinary power and impact of the playing. I was elated while listening to this album and I strongly recommend this album - symphonies don’t come any greater or more inspiring than these.”

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