The New Releases Show with David Mellor - Saturday 21 March 2015, 9pm


Avi Avital - Vivaldi (Trailer)


David Mellor has a new recording from a 'sensational virtuoso' to showcase as his Album of the Week.

This week David Mellor turns the spotlight on a new release from the Israeli-born mandolin player Avi Avatal. His album Vivaldi includes pieces by the 'Red Priest' either in transcriptions made for the mandolin of works originally written for other instruments, or pieces that were written for the mandolin itself.

"He is a sensational virtuoso," enthuses David.

Another new release that David has enjoyed is Heroique , a first album from the American singer Brian Hymel who, in the space of just a few years, has become closely identified with thrilling French-language repertoire for the tenor. There are some splendid pieces from Verdi, Berlioz, Massenet, Gounod and Rossini here, as well as three composers whose works are rarely heard today.

And following on from St. Patrick’s Day earlier this week, David transports us to the Emerald Isle to hear the RTE National Symphony Orchestra’s brilliant new album.  

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