The Radio Wall of Fame

What radio are you using to listen to Classic FM's More Music Breakfast? Send us a picture of it and it may be inducted into the Radio Wall of Fame.

marconi radio

Tim Lihoreau wants to know what radio you’re listening on. Take a look below at the photos received so far and then submit a photo of yours using the form below.  

And listen in to Classic FM's More Music Breakfast when Tim will try to mention as many as they’re inducted into the Radio Wall of Fame. 

Upload the photograph of your radio using the form below. 

The Radio Wall of Fame

herringCathy Hyde's is compact to fit in her pocket on dog walks.

herringHeathcliffe Pettifer listening on his DAB mini during his morning 5 km run

herringMichael Strawbridge listens on his iPad

herringClaire Adams keeping it compact

herringMartin Wilkinson's ear defenders with built in radio that he listens to Classic FM on all day at work.

herringRoger Lovell's 12-year old radio is in the bedroom - in Congleton.

herringJanet Morrell from Bradford takes her radio from the bedroom to the bathroom every morning.

herringChristine Lewis in Brighton still uses her Granny's old radio, even though the handle is broken.

herringWayne Marshall listens on this radio in his truck from 4am until 3pm.

herringHere's Iva's trusty radio.

herringKate McNamara's set is on the table.

herringHere's how Tony Simmonds listens while mucking out his stables.

herringFiona Dean moves from this one to her car radio and keeps listening to the More Music Breakfast.

herringThe cheap and cheerful digital radio Elizabeth Willis picked up in the post-Christmas sales.

herringMike from Portishead loves his trusted shower radio.

herringAlex McKenzie listens on an old stereo.

herringGavin Midgeley has an indispensible clock radio.

herringRichard Dyhouse listens on his Ford radio.

herringAnd Mr Jules is listening in his car too.

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