Nana Bridie's Mashed Swede and Carrot

An absolute must-have with any roast lunch.

Nanna Bridie's Mashed Swede & Carrot
15 June 2013 

I thought I'd turn to the Minhall family for a touch of inspiration this week. This, for me, is an absolute must-have with any roast lunch.

For about 4 people you'll need:

5 or 6 large-ish carrots
Half a large swede
Butter – thick slice or two
Salt & Pepper
Peel & chop the carrots and swede into pieces roughly the same size before boiling for around 15 minutes or so until tender. 

Remove from the heat and drain. Add the butter and (plenty) of seasoning and mash for your country! I like mine to not be entirely smooth and to have some texture.

Place the mash into an ovenproof dish with a knob of butter on top and then heat through for about 10 minutes before serving up with the rest of your lunch.