Lucy's Mum's Easy Curry

Classic FM's Lucy Coward shares her mum's excellent curry recipe with Anne-Marie.

chicken curry

Lucy's Mum's Easy Curry
29 June 2013

Lucy Coward says: 'She's been making if for as long as I can remember, but, like many cooks, she makes it instinctively. 

Therefore, whenever I asked her things such as 'How much butter?', she'd say, 'Oh, about this much,' and drop in a portion without weighing it. One day when I knew she was going to prepare the curry, I followed her around the kitchen with scales and utensils, and measured everything so I could write it down. It's great because it's open to variation, or delicious as it is.

This recipe serves two and is usually served with boiled rice.


1-2oz margarine
5 or 6 sliced mushrooms
1 small cooking apple, cubed
1oz plain flour
curry powder to taste
small tin of tomatoes, or equivalent of fresh
250ml chicken stock
Portion of cooked chicken for 2


- Put the margarine in a large frying pan
- Gently fry the sliced mushrooms and cubed apple
- Mix in flour
- Add curry powder to taste
- Add tomatoes
- Pour over chicken stock, mixing in slowly
- Add chicken, warming through thoroughly
- Enjoy with rice of your choice