The Easy Chicken Pie

A deeply satisfying chunky chicken pie to get you through an autumnal day.

The Easy Chicken Pie
Saturday 12 October 2013

Anne-Marie says, "Here's a lovely pie from my friend Richard that he says is the perfect way to face a blustery, autumn day."

Ingredients (serves four)
4 free range chicken breasts, chopped  
1 large onion chopped harshly
1 big leek, hacked
1 tub of nice mushrooms
Half a nutmeg, ground
A generous handful of freshly grated parmesan
A few sprigs of thyme
For the sauce
Heat milk and butter adding a little plain flour until the sauce thickens a little.

Brown the chicken, add the onion, leek, mushrooms and let them cook together. Season generously with some smoked black pepper.
Add the sauce and cook through, adding the nutmeg, grated parmesan and thyme. Cook gently for 20-odd minutes in a big pot on the hob.
When happy, pop the mix into a pie dish, adding a funnel if you have one, and then the layer of shortcrust. (you can make it, or if like me, cheat, and buy it pre-rolled).
Paint the surface of the pie with with an egg and cook for about 20-25 until golden.
I serve this with home made maris piper chips and brocolli.
And a glass or red or white wine. 
Or if it's a Saturday, both.