Genovese Summer Pasta

Delicious hot or cold, this pasta dish is the perfect seasonal treat.

Genovese Summer Pasta
Saturday 4 July 2014

Anne-Marie Minhall says, "I love the look on the plate of this Italian dark green sauce dish from Genoa. With a side salad it just says: "Hello, summer is here!" Hot, it's very yummy and, when it's cold, pop any leftovers into a plastic container and there's your lunch. Oh, and don't skimp on the virgin olive oil - get the best."

Ingredients (serves four)
2 large bunches of fresh basil
8 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
300g pecorino cheese, grated
12 tbsp pine nuts, toasted
16 tbsp virgin olive oil

For the seasoning:
1 lemon

500g penne pasta


Into a pestle and mortar add the garlic with some sea salt and pound before adding the basil leaves in batches.

Next, add the toasted pine nuts to the mixture and pound again before popping in half of the grated pecorino.

Get a bowl and put the garlic, basil and nut mixture in before adding some extra virgin olive oil and stir. You'll need enough oil to bring the sauce together and to get it to a runny consistency. Throw some more seasoning in before the remaining pecorino joins the party.

Cook your penne according to packet instructions (usually around 10 mins). When it's done, drain and then toss the pasta in the pesto. Squeeze some fresh lemon over the top and serve.
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