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Join Jane Jones every Friday morning from 1-6am and Saturday and Sundays from 4 to 7am for the perfect start to your mornings.

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Proudly flying the flag for Wales, Jane has been a fixture on-air on Classic FM for more than two decades. She joined Classic FM just a couple of months after we first turned on the transmitters back in 1992.

When she first began working here, Jane was part of the team working behind the scenes producing programmes, but gradually she spent more and more of her time working on-air, rather than off-air.

Over the years, Jane has presented a host of different programmes, ranging from the daily Requests show through to her current home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings and as presenter of the Classic FM Full Works Concert, every Monday to Wednesday.

Jane’s wide experience in broadcasting before she came to Classic FM included presenting rock and pop music programmes, phone-ins and music based magazine programmes for local radio stations.

On Friday mornings, Jane offers an All-Nighter for all of you who are labouring through the wee small hours; a Cradle Classic to get the baby off to sleep again after a feed; the Truckers' Tune for listeners on the road; and the Dawn Chorus to welcome the sunrise.

And at the weekends Jane offers an 'Early Toast' to those who deserve a special mention. Why not contact Jane using the form below?

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