The Full Works Concert - Wednesday 5 June: Northern Sinfonia Week

Haydn, Holst and Schubert are among the composers on tonight's programme from the Northern Sinfonia.

Richard Hickox

Jane's third concert for Northern Sinfonia Week opens with a performance of Schubert 's fifth symphony, conducted by Heinrich Schiff - the Austrian cellist and conductor - who was Artistic Director of the Northern Sinfonia from 1990 to 1996. The performance highlights the almost Mozartean liveliness and grace of the Schubert symphony.

Leopold Mozart is next on tonight's programme. Before the birth of his son Wolfgang, Leopold himself had a distinguished composing career - one that he would later give up to concentrate on his prodigy's progress. His Trombone Concerto in G major is played by the virtuoso Canadian trombonist Alain Trudel who makes the technically trick part sound light and relaxed, which is no mean feat for a trombonist.

William Walton 's 1972 work Five Bagatelles for guitar captures the profound influence of the Mediterranean climate on Walton after he made his home on the Italian island of Ischia. The guitar pieces were arranged by Patrick Russ who follows the colours and textures of Walton’s own orchestral writing so closely that it could have been written by the composer himself.

The great Brazilian cellist Antonio Meneses joins the Northern Sinfonia to play Haydn 's second cello concerto, tackling the spectacular fast movements with extraordinary ease and the slow passages with beautiful expressiveness. 

The last piece in tonight's concert - the Suite de Ballet dating from 1899 is colourfully scored, light music from Gustav Holst . It has its inspiration in both the music of Arthur Sullivan as well as works by French composers such as Chabrier and Saint-Saens. The maestro of English music Richard Hickox, pictured above, inspires the Northern Sinfonia to give an exceptional performance.

Franz Schubert: Symphony No.5 in B flat major
Conductor: Heinrich Schiff
Northern Sinfonia 

Leopold Mozart: Trombone Concerto in G major
Trombone/Director: Alain Trudel 
Northern Sinfonia

William Walton: 5 Bagatelles for Guitar
Guitar: Craig Ogden
Conductor: Richard Hickox
Northern Sinfonia

Josef Haydn: Cello Concerto No.2 in D major
Cello: Antonio Meneses
Northern Sinfonia

Gustav Holst: Suite de Ballet
Conductor: Richard Hickox
Northern Sinfonia

The Full Works Concert