The John Tavener Memorial Concert from Temple Church

Jane Jones presents the exclusive broadcast of a special memorial concert for Sir John Tavener.


Classic FM broadcasts a special memorial concert for the late Sir John Tavener, recorded exclusively in the spectacular surroundings of Temple Church in London on 1 May. The programme includes some of Sir John's best-loved music, including the Song for Athene, The Protecting Veil and Mother and Child.

Listen here to Roger Sayer, the newly-appointed Director of Music at the Temple Church, talking about Tavener:

Listen to the interview here:

The concert features the renowned Temple Church Choir which became famous for performing Sir John’s music through their commission and premières of his masterpiece, the all-night musical vigil, The Veil of the Temple, 2003. ’Mother of God’, in this evening's concert, is one of The Veil’s most beautiful moments.

Also featuring the Britten Sinfonia, with the cellist Raphael Wallfisch, this is a wonderful opportunity to hear one of the most inspirational concerts of the year.

Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey

There will be a Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the life and work of Sir John Tavener in Westminster Abbey, London at 12 noon on Wednesday 11th June 2014. Click here to find out more about getting tickets.



Today the Virgin
Nowell! Out of your sleep

The Protecting Veil
Cello: Raphael Wallfisch

The Tyger
The Lamb
Mandelion for Organ
Mother and Child
Song for Athene

Roger Sayer conducts the Temple Church Choir and Britten Sinfonia 


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