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Upcoming Shows:

Sunday 24th September

On this, the first day of London Symphony Orchestra Week on Classic FM, Catherine Bott asks: “how did the LSO’s early years shape its destiny?” 

Founded in 1904, the first British orchestra owned by its players has maintained its independent spirit. From early concerts conducted by Sir Edward Elgar, who became Principal Conductor in 1911, and the support of Thomas Beecham, who helped to finance the LSO to continue a concert season during World War 1, Catherine will show how the ensemble’s pioneering work continues, more than twelve decades on.

Sunday 1st October

The violinist Andre Rieu, whose concerts sell out stadiums around the world, turns 68 today. And tonight, Catherine Bott celebrates Rieu’s birthday by exploring the phenomenon of the touring classical superstar.

From Franz Liszt and Frederic Chopin to Liberace and Mantovani, Catherine will then turn to modern-day megastars like the film composer Hans Zimmer, exploring what it is about the travelling stars’ live shows that pack in the crowds.


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