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Sunday 30th April, 9pm

To round off Live Music Month on Classic FM, Catherine Bott asks: “What are the most infamous concerts from classical music history?”

She promises a riotous evening – literally – with Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, and the story of a very unstable Glazunov on the podium, as he tried his hardest to conduct Rachmaninov’s Symphony No.1, blind drunk.  

There are surprising success stories, however, such as the night a little-known chap called Leonard Bernstein stood in for conductor Bruno Walter, and a star was born.


Sunday 7th May, 9pm

The month of May means one thing to students up and down the country: exam season. Have no fear, however, as tonight Catherine Bott asks: “How can classical music aid revision?” 

She’ll examine a range of studies exploring the link between classical music and exam preparation, selecting music by the likes of Vivaldi, Bach and Philip Glass that’s guaranteed to lower stress levels.

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