Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Classical Music - Sunday 19 April 2015, 9pm

This week Catherine Bott asks the question, 'Has any great classical music come out of South America?'

To answer this most pressing of questions, Catherine Bott has a couple of Classic FM favourites from Mexico to kick things off, including Marquez's exuberant Danzon No.2 and Huapango, composed by José Pablo Moncayo.

Also featuring from Mexico is Manuel Ponce’s Concierto del sur, which the composer dedicated to his long-time friend, the guitar virtuoso Segovia. 

Journeying further south from Mexico there are many more fiery flavours to relish: Juan de Araujo was a Spanish baroque musician and composer who became choirmaster of various cathedrals in Peru in the late 17th century. His vocal music is something extraordinary to discover.

Spanish composer Julian Orbon spent 20 years of his life in Cuba and was heavily influenced by Latin American rhythms and his teacher, Aaron Copland - this certainly shows in his music. Last, but not least, two offerings from Villa-Lobos, once described as "the single most significant creative figure in 20th century Brazilian art music”. 

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