Exclusive interview with Julian Lloyd Webber

In a candid and exclusive interview, the cellist Julian Lloyd Webber talks to David Mellor about his decision to stop playing.

Listen to this exclusive interview with Julian Lloyd Webber >

This week, the celebrated cellist Julian Lloyd Webber speaks exclusively and candidly to Classic FM about the recent shock announcement that he has been forced to stop playing the cello for health reasons. 

David Mellor sits down at home with Lloyd Webber and looks back at his extraordinary career spanning more than 40 years, and selects some of his most memorable recordings. 

Listen: Julian Lloyd Webber opens up about injury and shock retirement >

The cellist also discusses how he is coming to terms with the news, how he feels about performing his final concert and his hopes for the future. 

As the godfather to one of Lloyd Webber's children, David Mellor has been a close personal friend of the cellist and his family for many years.  This promises to be a tender and moving programme, celebrating the career of one of this country's finest musicians.

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