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The Composer's Composers continues with Howard exploring the music of Gershwin and Reich.

Who were the 12 composers who, more than any others, changed the course of musical history?  That’s the question Classic FM’s Composer in Residence Howard Goodall is currently posing, as he explores the last 600 years of music and picks out the men who moved it in entirely new directions.  From Monteverdi to Mozart, Bach to Beethoven and Stravinsky to Steve Reich, all sorts of well-known names feature – all of whom, in their day, completely altered the sound of classical music.

3 March 2013

In the final part of the series, Howard explores 2 giants of the 20th century: the jazz influenced George Gershwin (featuring Rhapsody in Blue, Summertime, I got Rhythm) and the contemporary music pioneer Steve Reich whose style has had a huge impact on the pop music and film scores of today.