Ben Elton on the Classic FM Interview

"I never felt angry, I felt passionate and excited and exhilarated but not angry." Comedian, writer and author Ben Elton joined Nick Ferrari to chat about his life and career, from stand-up via Blackadder to the West End musical We Will Rock You.

Ben Elton shot to public attention in the mid 1980's on Saturday Night Live as the most outspoken pioneer of what became known as 'alternative comedy'.

His multi-award winning TV credits include The Young One's, the Thin Blue Line and Blackadder and his stage hits include the Olivier award winner Popcorn and the West End show We Will Rock You.

He has thirteen best selling novels under his belt and has just completed his fourteenth entitled Two Brothers. Ben Elton spent an hour with Nick Ferrari choosing the classical music that has been important to him throughout his life.

You can listen to the full interview again below:

Ben Elton Interview part 1

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Ben Elton Interview part 5