About John Brunning

He has been on Classic FM since the very first day we began broadcasting in 1992, but John’s career could easily have gone down the path of rock rather than classical music.


  • John Brunning's broadcasting career can be traced back to 1970 when he ran a pirate radio station from the family home in Colchester. 

  • But the lure of the airwaves persisted, and he resurfaced in his broadcasting guise in Glasgow as the front man for Radio Clyde FM's news service. 

  • After a very successful spell north of the border, John headed south again to become breakfast news editor at the station in Kent that is now part of the Heart network.

  • John then joined Classic FM as a senior journalist and newscaster two weeks before the station went on air in September 1992.

  • John’s on-air work has won him gongs at both the Sony Radio Academy Awards in London and at the New York International Radio Festival.

  • It's not just John's voice that we hear on Classic FM; his own music is also broadcast on the station. His works Pie Jesu, Sahara, Romance No.1 and Romance No.2 are firm favourites.

  • Aside from his early years on the station as a newsreader, John has presented a range of programmes over the years, including Smooth Classics and The Classic FM Evening Concert. He took over as host of the Drivetime programme in 2010.

Did you know?

In 2009, John walked 126km across the Sahara desert with 33 Classic FM listeners in support of our charity, The Classic FM Foundation.

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