Alex James's Date Night - Saturday 28 February 2015

Alex invites you to join him for another whistle-stop journey through all the important classical music dates over the week ahead, including Rossini's unusual birthday.

Tonight, Alex opens his diary in the company of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, which gave its very first public performance on this day in 1896.  

We'll then be hearing some of the most famous works from Rossini (pictured); he's one of the very few people to have a birthday on 29 February.

Looking ahead over the rest of the week, Alex explains why, on 1 March 1809, three very rich noblemen made Beethoven a very happy man. 

Alex will also be celebrating the premieres of Mozart's Symphony No.35, known as the 'Haffner', and Haydn's Symphony No.101, the 'Clock' symphony, as well as hearing the story behind the first outing for Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, premiered in Moscow on 4 March 1877.

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