Classic FM Conversation: Alan Titchmarsh's gardening tips - A spring pot

Our Saturday morning presenter and gardening expert, Alan Titchmarsh shares his weekly gardening tip. This week it's an idea which brightens that dull corner of your garden or patio.

It's March and this week Alan suggests you can have spring on your doorstep.

"If you have a doorstep that's dreary or a patio that's a bit plain, brighten it up with a tub or a large pot and fill it full of spring flowers. If you pop down to your local nursery or garden centre, you'll find all kinds of things in bloom, growing in small pots. When you've positioned your tub or pot with the compost in, take these small plants in pots, things like small daffodils and narcissi - a little collection that looks bright and cherry. Scoop out holes in the compost and plunge the pots in to make a pleasing arrangement."

Have you had that plain or dreary spot in your garden? How did you brighten it up? Any other tips or thoughts for fellow lovers of gardening? Maybe share your favourite music to accompany a spring flower pot in full bloom? Tell us in the comments section below...