Classic FM Conversation: Alan Titchmarsh asks, how are your daffodils?

Our Saturday morning presenter and gardening expert, Alan Titchmarsh shares his weekly gardening tip. It's not the greatest spring so far for daffodils, and he wants to know if yours are in bloom - tell us below.

This week Alan says:

"I thought we'd talk a little about daffodils today. They're probably coming out depending on what part of the country you're in (they've been much, much slower this year – because it's been such a chilly January and February). It's a timely reminder that if you want to keep those flowers on your garden daffs coming every year, give them some feed about now - a good sprinkling of blood, bone and fish meal, and just water it in a bit. When they're flowering this year they're making their buds deep down in the bulb for next year, so it is really worth bolstering them now to make sure of next year's flowers. They'll be sure to come up in bloom year after year!"

Are your spring bulbs in bloom in this cold and damp season? Any other tips or secrets you'd like to pass on? Tell us below...