The Classic FM Podcast - 24 August 2012

This week, Tommy Pearson presents a very special edition of The Classic FM Podcast as we focus on film composition with two of the greats - John Williams and James Horner.

John Williams talks to Tommy Pearson

This week we ease the cat slightly out of the bag and preview a couple of clips from our exclusive interview with Hollywood legend John Williams. Classic FM's Tommy Pearson caught up with him while in Los Angeles for a conversation that covers one of the most illustrious careers in film composing history.

While he was there, he also spoke with James Horner, another man that knows a thing or two about movie music. Having worked with acclaimed directors James Cameron and Ron Howard, needless to say, James had plenty to say on the matter...

Listen to the podcast below

The Classic FM Podcast - 24.8.12 - John Williams and James Horner

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