The Classic FM Podcast - 14 September 2012

On the podcast this week we talk to violinist Nicola Benedetti about the success of her album 'The Silver Violin'.

In this week's podcast, we talk to Nicola Benedetti about the huge success of her album 'The Silver Violin'. She explained the background behind the big-selling record - from its humble beginnings as a tribute to Korngold, through to its realisation as a film music extravaganza. 

We also speak to British Paraorchestra conductor, Charles Hazlewood ahead of his performance at the Olympic closing ceremony about his vision for disabled musicians. 

And we talk to Comedian Mark Thomas about his new opera-inspired comedy show, Bravo Figaro.

Listen to the podcast below

The Classic FM Podcast - 14.09.12 - Nicola Benedetti, Mark Thomas and Charles Hazlewood

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