The Classic FM Podcast - 12 October 2012

This week on the podcast, Classic FM's Lucy Coward speaks with British composer Max Richter about recomposing Vivaldi pieces for his new album.

Whether he's working on his own solo material, collaborating with artists as diverse as Roni Size and Vashti Bunyan or composing ballet scores for the Royal Opera House, Mac Richter's music is very much of the moment. It's perhaps surprising, then, that his latest project looks back as far as Vivaldi for its inspiration. Classic FM's Lucy Coward caught up with Max to hear a little more about this project.

We also caught up with singer and Monk Friar Alessandro Brustenghi. Classic FM’s Anne-Marie Minhall Travelled to Italy to try and find out about some of the history surrounding Friar Alessandro and what it's like to be a practising Franciscan Friar and a recording artist.

Finally, Tim Lihoreau spoke with the choral director of the Only Boys Aloud choir, Tim Rhys-Evans alongside two of it’s founding members  about some of the reasons behind setting up this project.

Listen to the podcast below

The Classic FM Podcast - 12.10.12 - Max Richter, Friar Alessandro and the Only Boys Aloud Choir.

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