Listen live on digital radio

There are many great reasons why you should tune in to Classic FM with a digital radio, here are just a few...

Hepburn VQ digital radio

Digital Radios mean interference free listening to live radio stations. There's no hiss, crackle, or pop, no fading, no overlap.

  • Digital Radio displays the stations by name, so there's no need to remember frequency numbers, giving you the confidence to explore the airwaves and change radio stations at the touch of a button.
  • Digital Radio can double the number of radio stations you can get on FM.
  • Some Digital Radios let you pause and rewind and listen to live radio.
  • Some of the latest models, enable you to record radio to a memory card.
  • All Digital Radios come with an LCD display. This can display information about the song you just heard, songs coming up or news headlines.
  • Unlike some digital television services, you don't have to pay to receive Digital Radio. It's free.
  • Digital radios now start from under £35.
  • Digital radio is now available on mobile phones and MP3 players.

Digital Radio Changes

On 1st March 2012 some small changes were made to the way we broadcast on DAB Digital Radio.  If you have experienced problems listening since these changes, here's what you need to do.

You may see the station name on your radio change to "Station Moved" or "Moved". If it does, just tune into us again – you'll see us listed as Classic FM as usual. You'll also need to re-save Classic FM on any preset buttons you use, and if your radio has an alarm clock facility, you may need to check that it's set to Classic FM for the wake up alarm.

You can get more information, help, and links to individual manufacturers' instructions on the Digital Radio UK Website –


online classic fm Listening Online

You can listen online to your favourite Classic FM shows as they go out live, using our online radio player

On-demand classic fm Listen On Demand

You can now listen again to Classic FM's shows, whenever you like, for up to seven days after they are broadcast.

FM Radio classic fm Listening on FM Radio

You can listen to Classic FM on FM radio across the UK on frequencies between 99.9 MHz and 101.9 MHz FM.

Listen FAQs Listen FAQs

Problems listening online? Want to know how to tune in on Digital Radio? We've got all the answers here...

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