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Is it the turn of the mighty Russian master to rule the Classic FM Hall of Fame? John Brunning is fronting the campaign to take him to the top.

This year, the Classic FM Hall of Fame is more competitive than ever before. The composers are going head to head in the ultimate classical battle, so they can claim the prize of being top of the top 300 in 2014.

Unfortunately, most of the composers in the Hall of Fame are, well, dead. So we've enlisted the help of a few of our presenters to champion their cause.

John Brunning will be the head of #TeamTchaikovsky, and he's decided to vote for Tchaikovsky's magnificent Symphony No. 5 this year. But are you as dedicated to this classic as he is?

Maybe you're more taken with something else from the the composer's famously stormy and romantic back catalogue. The heartbreaking Serenade for Strings, perhaps, or maybe the barnstorming blockbuster ballets Swan Lake or The Nutcracker? Or perhaps you can't resist the tragedy of his final Symphony No. 6?

If the Notorious PIT is the composer for you, join John Brunning on #TeamTchaikovsky by voting for him in the Hall of Fame 2014.

Reasons to be on #TeamTchaikovsky

#TeamTchaikovsky wants YOU!

Have you got your Tchaikovsky team shirt? John Brunning promises he's got his... find out why he wants you on his team.

What do you think? Which team are you on? Send us your Instagram videos @classicfm

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