The Bethlehem Tales by David Spicer

Derek Jacobi stars in this special Christmas Day drama, which retells the Nativity from the point of view of contemporary eye-witnesses.

The Bethehem Tales Derek Jacobi Classic FM

Sir Derek Jacobi heads the cast for Classic FM’s Christmas Day drama, which retells the story of events immediately following the Nativity from the point of view of contemporary eye-witnesses. 

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The Bethlehem Tales by David Spicer

Interwoven with music drawn from the best of three centuries of Christmas Cantatas and Oratorios, The Bethlehem Tales is part thriller, part magical comedy: a radio play for the family that offers a different perspective on the Christmas story.

The cast also includes Kris Marshall, Pippa Heywood, Sally Bretton, Simon Greenall and Pip Donaghy.

Political tension is building in Israel following the Roman census and a series of confused rumours about signs and portents in the City of David. Somewhere on the road from Bethlehem, a merchant – one of Herod’s agents – stops at an isolated inn. Here, a caravan of travellers heading towards Egypt is whiling away the evening telling stories. Each member of this disparate group witnessed a different part of the events attending the Nativity. Now, during this one night, these Bethlehem Tales convince Herod’s informer to abandon his calling and follow a new star. 

The Bethlehem Tales is produced by the same team who previously adapted Michael Morpurgo’s On Angel Wings, narrated by the author, with Jack Shepherd and Imogen Stubbs and music by John Tams. They then went on to make The Christmas Mysteries, an original script, based on the Second Shepherd’s Play from the Wakefield Mysteries, with Jack Shepherd, Mark Benton and Simon Greenall.