A day in the life of our new studio

From dawn 'til dusk we recorded the goings-on in the new Classic FM studio... and then speeded it up.

To celebrate our 21st Brithday, we decided to record a day of broadcasting to give you a rare insight into the workings of our brand new studio - the beating heart of Classic FM. We weren't checking up on our presenters, honestly, but we did manage to capture Tim Lihoreau, John Suchet, Jamie Crick and John Brunning present the world's greatest music to the UK.

Clearly, a 12 hour video is a marathon for even our most committed of listeners, so we decided to speed the footage up so that it clocks in at just under a minute. The results are above - we hope you like it?

Don't forget to tune in on Saturday, September 7, for more birthday celebrations. Here's to the next 21 years!