Prokofiev, Mozart and light music? Violinist Sasha Raikhlina's top choices

18 September 2012, 15:57

The Russian violinist has been a member of Northern Sinfonia since 2009. She shares her love of classical music - some so-called 'light' music is better than Elgar!

What’s it like being a violinist in one of the UK’s best orchestras? Northern Sinfonia violinist Alexandra 'Sasha' Raikhlina shared her experiences with Jamie Crick while Classic FM were broadcasting from the Sage Gateshead.

The concert programme of light music contained a lot of notes for the first violins – something the orchestra might call a ‘roast up’!

Discover the secrets behind this orchestral slang, and hear Sasha talk about what it’s like to play at the Sage Gateshead, ahead of Northern Sinfonia's new season of Schumann and Brahms.