Twelve hours of the Classic FM studio... in 60 seconds

5 September 2012, 12:09

We set up a video camera to record the action from the Classic FM studio. From Tim Lihoreau's breakfast show, to John Suchet, to Nick Bailey, we captured it all!

We've always been asked what goes on during a typical day in the Classic FM studio. As the beating heart of the station, and as the place where we broadcast to 5.5 million people, it's constantly been a source of great mystery.

As we're rapidly approaching our 20th birthday, we thought we'd allow you all a peek into the workings of our studio. To do this, we set up a video camera to capture twelve hours of a typical day. From Classic FM's More Music Breakfast with Tim Lihoreau at 6am through to Classic FM Drive, we caught it all!

Needless to say, a twelve hour video would be an epic for even our most loyal of listeners, so we did something a little different with the footage. We condensed it into 60 seconds! Enjoy!