This GoPro trombone video will make you feel queasy and impressed

11 April 2017, 11:37

GoPro Trombone Quartet

By Amy MacKenzie

Love videos of people playing their instruments with a GoPro attached? Love multi-tracking videos? You've got to watch this.

Everyone remembers that guy who from the LA Philharmonic that strapped a GoPro to his trombone...

Trombone silliness

No, you don't remember? Well, you're in for a treat - check out this collection of GoPro instrument videos (disclaimer: you might feel a little queasy). 

YouTuber and trombonist Manuel Nägeli has gone a step further and attempted his first multitracking video with a GoPro attached to his trombone while he plays the famous trombone fanfare (aka Sonic Boom, aka Snake Pit), arranged by James Ganson, and it's EPIC:

GoPro Trombone Quartet - Trombone Fanfare aka. Sonic Boom

Performed by Manuel Nägeli


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