A gorgeous choral arrangement of Irish folk tune ‘Mo Ghille Mear’ (My Gallant Hero)

17 March 2017, 09:56

UCD choral singers irish song

Take a moment with this beautiful Irish folk tune.

Here's an Irish folk song to make time stand still for a enchanted few minutes. It's sung by the UCD Choral Scholars directed by Desmond Earley. 

There's more on the choir's Signum Records album here.

Here's the translation: 

Once I was gentle maiden,
But now I'm a spent, worn-out widow,
My consort strongly plowing the waves,
Over the hills and far away.

He's my champion my Gallant Darling,
He's my Caesar, a Gallant Darling,
I've found neither rest nor fortune
Since my Gallant Darling went far away.

Every day I'm constantly enduring grief,
Weeping bitterly and shedding tears,
Because my lively lad has left me
And no news is told of him - alas.

The cuckoo doesn't sing cheerfully after noon,
And the sound of hounds isn't heard in the nut-tree woods,
Nor a summer morning in a misty glen
Since my lively boy went away from me.

Gallant Darling for a while under sorrow,
And Ireland completely under black cloaks;
I have found neither rest nor fortune
Since my Gallant Darling went far away.

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