This utterly adorable kitten is the ultimate distraction from work

19 January 2017, 11:33

Cat composer Alexander Livitsanos

By Lizzie Davis

Composer Alexander Livitsanos was just trying to get on with his latest Opus… His kitten had other ideas. Guess who won? SPOILER: it wasn’t Alexander

Meet Alexander Livitsanos – and his super sweet kitten.

Alexander is a composer and just wants to get on with writing some music.

His kitten, however, has other ideas…

This adorable kitten is here to distract you from composing

Alexander Livitsanos was just trying to get some notes down on the page, but his cat was having none of it


And it turns out his kitten has strong views on his piano playing as well:

When your kitten REALLY wants to duet

Alexander Livitsanos' kitten really wants to play along


You can hear some of Alexander's work on his Soundcloud page. He's also penned this playful and jazz-infused Suite For Brass Quintet, Circular Argument, recently released on Decca Classics (most likely composed with some furry feline assistance) - find out more about the release here.

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