Someone has turned the Game of Thrones music into an epic Rachmaninov rhapsody

27 February 2017, 13:34

Game of Thrones rhapsody

By Lizzie Davis

One pianist (and GoT fan) has rearranged the series’ iconic music in the style of Brahms, Rachmaninov – and as a waltz

Pianist Edoardo Brotto was inspired by the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones to create a fantasy on the theme tune.

The music for the series is originally by Ramin Djawadi, but in this video Edoardo imagines how the music might have sounded if first Brahms and then Rachmaninov had written it.

And it closes with a darkly lush waltz. Sit back and enjoy… 

Here’s the full video

Watch Game of Thrones – in the style of Rachmaninov and Brahms

Edoardo Brotto has re-imagined the iconic theme music



Edoardo has a whole YouTube channel of virtuosic, original music. Here’s another one of his videos – an original improvisation in the style of Rachmaninov: 

A gorgeous Rachmaninov-inspired improvisation

Watch Edoardo Brotto's mesmerising improvisation


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