This poor kid perfectly sums up the complete terror of learning your scales

9 November 2015, 11:00

A video posted online captures a feeling that every musician knows all too well.

This video, posted on the Facebook site Shanghaiist has struck a chord with all those who have struggled learning those scales in the early years of music making.

His mother really wants him to do it. We'll let his tears do the talking. 


Tiger mom instilling a love of music in her son.

Posted by Shanghaiist on Saturday, 7 November 2015


After the meltdown, his parents sing along to encourage him – there's a supportive hand on his trembling shoulder, and a little cheek rub when he gets to the all important tonic resolution.

What do you think?

Comments on social media are split – are the parents being too strict? Or is a little firm discipline in music always necessary? Or is this video too short to jump to any conclusions.

Whatever you think, we can all identify with the poor kid. Scales=tears. We've all been there. 


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