The cloakroom attendant who ended up on stage at the Wigmore Hall

27 September 2017, 12:48

By Lizzie Davis

Singer Milly Forrest made headlines when she was plucked from her job collecting coats and bags at Wigmore Hall to perform on the world-famous stage. We caught up with her at the Royal College of Music, where she’s just become a student

Back in July, Milly Forrest was an aspiring singer working in the cloakroom at Wigmore Hall in London, when she got the call that every performer dreams of (and probably dreads a little if they’re honest).

One of the singers for the weekend's concert of songs by Schubert had pulled out – and the director of the Hall, John Gilhooly wondered if she could stand in?

With just three days to prepare, Milly replaced soprano Ruby Hughes and performed Purcell's 'If music be the food of love…'.

Milly performs a song by Frank Bridge

But it almost didn’t happen…

“I stupidly left my phone at home on the Wednesday afternoon,” she said. “I got back in the evening and there were all these missed calls but luckily I got in there.”

John Gilhooly had given her until 5pm to get back to him. She called them back with 10 minutes to spare.

“She’s an outstanding singer,” he said. “This is perhaps the beginning of something it is a great joy to help a young artist. I wouldn’t be surprised if we use her again, it is a voice of quality.”

Milly’s big moment made headlines around the world. She’s now a post-graduate student at the Royal College of Music.

We’re sure to be hearing much more from her soon.

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