Three arrested and Stradivarius recovered after taser theft

6 February 2014, 14:47

UPDATE: Three suspects in Milwaukee have been arrested in connection with the theft of the Lipinski Stradivarius, worth £3million, which has just been reported found

The three suspects — two men, ages 42 and 36, and a woman, 32 — are currently in police custody. One of the suspects has been linked to a prior art theft.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said there was a good chance the violin was still in the local area. This information was confirmed this afternoon as the violin was recovered, but as yet there is no word on the condition of the instrument.

A $100,000 reward was offered for information that resulted in the safe return of the violin. The financial incentive is thought to have encouraged the tipsters to provide information leading to the three arrests.

Violinist Frank Almond was using the violin on loan until he was attacked with a taser and robbed in a car park on 27 Jan, following a concert at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

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