Skateboarding set to music in new classical video

Composing has a lot in common with skateboarding, says classical musician Sven Helbig, whose hypnotic new video stars young people in a skatepark.

Classical music and skateboarding may seem unlikely bedfellows, but a new composition by Sven Helbig is set to change that. His new video, Gone, sees skaters practising tricks on a skatepark, accompanied by strains of his minimalist music.

The video stars a young boy, listening to music and gradually learning to skate. Anyone expecting a more traditional boarding soundtrack of guitars and drums might be pleasantly surprised by the hypnotic orchestral accompaniment.

“I always loved the skate way of life and I think it is generally still my mindset," said Helbig. "Being a composer has many things in common with practicing some ollies, slides and grinds on a skateplace: Hard, sometimes painful work resulting in an ability without any obvious value. Yet, it feels like total freedom."

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