Pianist Barry Douglas on Liszt and Ireland

Last night the internationally acclaimed pianist Barry Douglas joined Classic FM’s orchestra in the city of London, the London Symphony Orchestra, to perform Liszt’s Piano Concerto No.2 at London’s Barbican.

This is a big year for Liszt - it's the 200th anniversary of his birth, so his music will get a much greater profile over the next 12 months. Barry Douglas is a great Liszt fan:
"I got into Lizst when I was 16. I met this incredibly interesting woman who had studied with one of Liszt's last pupils. I spent a whole summer with her going through some of his piano works. She inspired me to be a pianist and to have an affection for Liszt."

Apart from his solo appearances Barry Douglas travels widely. But he keeps strong ties with his native Ireland.
"I think it's very important to have roots, to have a home base. With Camerata Ireland it's a sort of labour of love. I think it's something that Ireland needs to do - both north and south it needs to identify the new young talent coming up and support them. There have been some wonderful people out there doing great jobs but we don't do it consistently or systematically enough."

Listen to Barry Douglas in interview now

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