This marching band just turned Rage Against The Machine into an orchestral masterpiece

11 May 2015, 12:08

This video of a university band covering Rage Against The Machine's infamously sweary hit 'Killing In The Name' (mixed with 'Bulls On Parade') is nothing like how you remember school orchestra rehearsals.

The song, originally released by political rap-metallers Rage Against The Machine in 1992, is a counter-culture staple with a notorious expletive-laden final refrain

This version (which combines 'Killing In The Name' with a section of another RATM classic, 'Bulls On Parade') is joyously uncontroversial, taking the incendiary guitar riffs of Tom Morello and applying them to woodwind and brass.

The band, identified as George Mason University Marching Band, are a university pep band from Virginia, USA, and are known for their inventive performance routines.


Why wasn't I learning this when I was in school?This teacher knows what's up.#KillingInTheName#FYouIWontDoWhatYouTellMe

Posted by Gosteffects on Friday, 19 September 2014
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