In the middle of a nightmarish London tube strike, this guy jumped on a public piano and made everyone feel much better

9 January 2017, 12:22

tube strike pianist

Tube strikes across London have upset the city’s commuters, but at Clapham Junction station one man proved that you just need a bit of piano music to calm things down.

The anonymous pianist was in Britain’s busiest train station during rush hour on the day of a 24-hour tube strike - and tempers were running high.

Clapham Junction station had been evacuated due to overcrowding and, naturally, the atmosphere wasn’t great. But one gentleman took advantage of the public piano by platform 17 to ease the woes of angry commuters by busting out a little bit of piano magic:

Watch a man play the piano at Clapham Junction to calm commuters

This pianist decided all the commuters trying to get into work on a Tube Strike day needed some music


Video courtesy of Twitter user @aliciaharries

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