Percussionist plays knives and forks in viral video

29 July 2014, 16:28

Watch as a 'body percussionist' swaps his traditional drum kit for a cutlery drawer in this unusual performance video.

Forks, spoons and a cutlery drawer take the place of a drum kit in a new viral video. American percussionist Ryan Vezina posted the video publicly on his Facebook page last week as an audition for the percussion theatre show, Stomp - and it's been shared more than 165,000 times so far.

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After opening the kitchen drawer and carefully arranging the forks and spoons, the performer begins to play, using two silver spoons as drumsticks.


When not filming videos in portrait on his phone and posting them on Facebook, Ryan is also something of a YouTube star. His 'junk rock' band, Recycled Percussion, starred on America's Got Talent in 2009 and now have a dedicated online following thanks to their lively performance films.

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