Classical music could be 'gone in a generation', says top conductor

7 April 2015, 11:45

Conductor Kent Nagano has suggested that classical music could be dead within a generation, citing budget cuts and lack of music education.

Nagano, who is confirmed as the next musical director of the Hamburg State Opera, told the Kurier that classical music has "gone so quickly in a generation," and that it is "in danger of losing its social significance."

The conductor, who was promoting his new book 'Expect Miracles', gave several reasons for the supposed impending death of classical music, from budget cuts to technology.

13 reasons classical music is NOT dead

"Today you can make classical music accessible to all thanks to new technologies. And yet there is a problem in communication."

Nagano also voiced concern that modern generations see classical music as "something that belongs to the past," and that lack of music education in Western curricula may be to blame.

Do you agree with Kent Nagano's comments? Should he be looking for solutions rather than exposing the problems? Have your say in the comments below.

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