Cello busker arrested for throwing water at rival: video

27 June 2014, 10:10

A cellist busker in Bridport was arrested after throwing a bucket of water over a rival guitarist busker.

The incident happened on Wednesday in the Dorset town. The unnamed cellist allegedly became disgruntled with another busker after they were attempting to perform in the same stretch of Bucky Doo Square.

After arguing, the cellist decided to settle the matter by throwing a bucket of water over the guitarist, Paul Scofield. Scofield was a permit-holding busker whereas the cellist was not.

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A police officer who had been watching the event take place stepped in and, with assistance from a member of the public, stepped in to restrain and arrest the cellist.

In the video of the incident, the cellist can be heard pleading with the officer to let him take his cello out of direct sunlight.

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