Violin theft caught on CCTV: watch now

25 June 2014, 12:26

Surveillance footage of a man stealing a violin from the University of Utah has been released in an effort to catch the culprit.

UPDATE: The video footage has since been made private.

In the video, dated June 16th, it's possible to see the suspect scout the university's Dumke Recital Hall, return with a plastic bin bag and then put the violin inside it before exiting.

The video was posted to YouTube by the violin's owner, John Shin. 

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Shin's commentary on the video describes the suspect as: "Caucasian male, around 6 feet tall, age between 27-35, some facial hair around chin and mouth, short dark hair (brown-ish). average body build."

"He also makes some random gestures and speaks with himself throughout the footage."

The violin itself was made by Salt Lake City luthier Scott Brown, and has several distinguishing features including three varnish marks on the outside of the instrument.

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